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"...works so diligently and selflessly on treating her patients,..."

I was a skeptic!
by Marina Evans


I met Kathy in 2004 after finally being diagnoses with fibromyalgia after years of unsuccessful treatments for supposedly different skeletal/muscular ailments. Because I was doing so poorly at that time, my high school age daughter started inquiring into alternative treatments and found Kathy and set up 10 appointments for me.

Coming from an analytical background, I was a skeptic, as I was not familiar with myofascial release nor cranioscacrial therapy and to my great surprise and incredible blessing, my sleep improved after the first treatment and this improvement was sustained for almost 10 years, now. My chronic pain became bearable and my range of motion improved greatly. I routinely work 9 to 10 hour days and I am highly functional in spite of my diagnosis of fibromyalgia 10 years ago.

Kathy is a compassionate professional that applies her excellent academic training and great intuition for the overall wellbeing of her patients. I never have seen any professional that works so diligently and selflessly on treating her patients, even if it means that she has to keep some unusual business hours to accommodate her patients’ needs.

Kathy has been such a blessing to me and my family and I trust her professional judgment completely when it comes to treating my skeletal/muscular issues associated with fibromyalgia.

-Marina Evans, Johnson City


"Katherine Eason gave me my guitar back, my voice back and my life back."

The Storyteller's Workshop
by Marci Nimick


My right arm was too weak to pick up my purse, and my grip wasn’t sufficient to hold the steering wheel.  I was having tremors in my arm and shoulder.  My back, neck and shoulder all hurt so badly that I wanted to cry, or maybe, I wanted to cry because I had been in this shape for a lot of my life and this was just a case of “here we go again.”  Either way, I was far too sick to go anywhere that night, but something kept telling me I had to go to that storyteller workshop. 

I was trying to learn all that I could about storytelling because my pain had been too bad for a long time to play the guitar, and I was often too weak to sing with any power, but I still wanted to entertain.  In as much as I was desperate to learn, I really didn’t participate in the workshop that night which is very unusual for me.  Like many people with chronic pain and fatigue, I had become a master of pushing through and hiding the truth, but I had reached my limit. 

My friend and fellow storyteller, Linda, noticed that I was struggling, and she told me about this myofascial release therapist in Johnson City who had helped her with her headaches.   I actually already knew something about myofascial release from a massage therapist in Nashville so I was sold immediately.  All Linda told me was the name and that she would have to get back to me with more information in about a week because she was going out of town.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to wait so I tracked the therapist down and had my first appointment before that week was up.
I have been to a lot of workshops in my life and have learned a lot of the things, but I learned something far more valuable that night than I have ever learned in any other workshop.  I learned the name “Katherine Eason”, and Katherine Eason gave me my guitar back, my voice back and my life back.

-Marci Nimick
Assistant Professor of Communication
Professional Storyteller/Singer-songwriter


"Kathy Eason saved my life."

by Kathe Crossley


About 16-17 years ago I was in pain constantly. It hurt to stand, walk and sit. This was totally affecting my professional and personal life.

I have had MS for over 30 years but my neurologist kept saying to me " this is not MS". He sent me to other Doctors to help figure out what was causing my pain. The orthopedist and the neurosurgeon tested everything. I went through epidurals and nerve tests. Everyone was looking at the nerve tests of my legs and the x-rays and MRI's of my spine but couldn't find anything to explain my pain and disabilities. I felt like they thought I was a complainer and a hypochondriac. Finally, my neurologist and Mayo clinic diagnosed my problem--I had no hip joint. It had been years of bone on nerve.

After my hip replacement, that pain was gone but other problems appeared. My muscles were week, one leg was longer than the other, it was hard to walk, my gait was very unsteady and out of balance, and I had to hobble along, always, with a cane.

My doctors had done all they could for me. I went to physical therapists, acupuncturist and massage therapists. I went to an OD who helped me a lot but said she couldn't do any more to help me. I thought "that was it, all my excellent care givers were finished". I had to resign myself to half a life because of my pain, my hobble and my inability to function normally.

Then a stranger suggested I go see Kathy Eason because she had really helped them. I thought to myself "OK another wild goose chase to put myself through". But, when you are at the end of your rope praying for a "hail Mary" you will try anything.

That’s when I met Kathy. She was very professional, kind and accepting. With her medical training as a Occupational Therapist, a Myofacial Release therapist and a Craniosacral therapist, she understood me. She wanted to know everything about my history, all my problems and all my complaints, She made me feel like everything I pointed out about my physical condition was an important clue for her therapy. Her therapy is hands on with some energy work done in a calm, inviting, warm, private and secure place.

She said she could stop my sinus headaches, which I had had for years. I had lived on Sudafed and ClaritinD in order to breath at work. I thought "right lady, you are going to stop my headaches that no doctor could?" But, she did in a couple of sessions. That got my attention.

While she worked with me, she stressed that I needed to tell her if I was uncomfortable or in pain because that was not part of her therapy. She would change her touch and her approach to my problems. My sessions with her were always full of acceptance, compassion, optimism and humor.

Then over the months, she changed my life. It didn't happen over night. It took work on both our sides, but now I can walk normally, without a cane and way less pain. I live a full normal life because of her care. When I see my doctors, other care givers and friends, they are surprised and pleased with my success. I give Kathy's therapy the credit. I compare the experience to when all the good caring doctors tried to help me with my pain by looking at the spine. Kathy is the one who looks in different places to help me with my pain.

Kathy helps all her patients by looking at them and, then, treating them in "different ways". She is totally dedicated to her work and her patients. When I am asked, I say Kathy Eason saved my life. I know other patients who say the same words.

Once you are a patient of Kathy's, she is always willing to fit you in if you have a setback or an emergency. She is really interested in your wellbeing as a patient and a person.

-Kathe Crossley


"...deep commitment to the best possible outcomes..."

by Peg MacMillan


Kathy brings her best self to every session of therapy. She brings an intelligence and intuition that perfectly complement each other in her choices of how to work.

As a client, I felt her deep commitment to the best possible outcomes in my treatment. If you sometimes feel you haven't really been "heard" by other practitioners, come see Kathy for an evaluation and a few treatments.

To illustrate some of the qualities I admire in Kathy, I've listed the reasons I think of her as a cutie pie.

C compassionate   U understanding   T tenacious   I intuitive   E educated
P passionate   I intelligent   E energetic

-Peg MacMillan


"...one of the most dedicated, caring, and professional healers..."

by Catherine Tanner, MD


Kathy Eason is one of the most dedicated, caring, and professional healers it has been my privilege with which to participate. She has taught me, many times, to expand my conception of how the human body communicates and heals. I am profoundly grateful for her devotion to her work.

-Catherine Tanner, MD


"...has been very beneficial to my overall healing."

by Jennifer Moore


I have been seeing Kathy for several months now to resolve my chronic neck and shoulder pains. I have tried over the years various other alternative methods to try to get a more permanent solution to my neck and shoulder pains, and I have found that the work that Kathy does to have more of a longer lasting effect and more signs of progress. I would highly recommend doing the Amygdala Connection Technique as it has brought up and released a lot of buried emotions that has been very beneficial to my overall healing. Also, I have found that the double sessions have accomplished way more for me than the single sessions. I have recommended Kathy to everyone that I know as I know that her methods work!

-Jennifer Moore


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